Eat, Feel, Move: 3 Steps To A Happy & Healthy You

It’s well into the first month of the new year and I still haven’t talked about this year’s resolutions.. Which is probably because this time around, I didn’t make any. Time and time again I vowed to myself to live a better, healthier life, by cutting out sugars or fats or carbs or whatever the trending diet was at the time. But time and time again I got the reality check that these sudden and impromptu changes of lifestyle never work out the way you think they would. I like to think I eat kinda healthy and in small portions naturally, but don’t take away my weekly french fries or late-night pizza – because I will find out where you live and I will take the term hangry to another level ;-).

I’ve since come to learn that a healthy lifestyle is so much more than just denying yourself certain foods. It’s much more about an active and happy life, one in which you move and laugh more than you torture yourself thinking about savory sweets you can’t eat.

Weight Watchers 2016

Why am I telling you all this? Because there’s an old established diet method that everybody knows and a lot of you have tried before, that has changed its ways in favor of this newfound theory. Weight Watchers is no longer about counting points, keeping a food diary and going to weigh-ins. Instead, it focusses on three pillars: Eat, Move, Live.


Eating healthy is still a central subject in the new Weigh Watchers, but the well-known point system gets an update: SmartPoints now combine both sugar- and fat-ratios, as well as the level of proteins, making it more well-adapted to the current way of going about food.


A healthy weight goes hand in hand with exercise. Weight Watchers launched the website Get Fit, giving its members full access to tips and instruction videos for a variety of different sports, from yoga to running.


Happy people make healthier choices. Weight Watchers takes the time to reflect on the personal wellbeing and shows how to take more time for yourself.

-> a new app that allows all WW members to create a community and seek support in each other.
-> new sessions with a personalized approach.

Weight Watchers 2016

Have you ever tried Weight Watchers? Are you enthusiastic about their new approach?
And what are the new year’s resolutions you’ve set out for yourself?

  • this post was written in collaboration with Weight Watchers.
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