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Got a trip to London planned but no idea on where to stay? I’ve got the answer for you: The Sofitel St-James. If you’ve been following this blog for a while you know that I have a penchant for London city. Over the years I’ve had the fortune of staying in a handful of lovely hotels, and last weekend I got to add another one to my list. 

You know those impressive old buildings with their bell boys and doormen, those grand architectural gems that just ooze luxury and grandeur? That’s exactly the kind of place the Sofitel St-James London is. It is located right next to Piccadilly Circus and thus around the corner of Regent Street, as well as walking distance from Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden, making this the perfect choice if you plan on visiting London, whether it is for sightseeing, cultural endeavors or some serious shopping.


This luxury hotel is part of the Accor Hotel group, which to me guarantees a certain level of comfort and care. Our check-in went smoothly and our luggage was already waiting for us in our room when we got back to the hotel in the afternoon. The things that really matter to me when staying at a hotel? The bed and the breakfast… The first one was amazing, the latter one finger-licking good!


Breakfast at the Sofitel St-James London Breakfast at the Sofitel St-James London
On Saturday night we had dinner at The Balcon, the hotel restaurant. The food was so good that we went for the three-course meal and didn’t regret a thing. Not even the profiteroles and vanilla ice cream at the end. Keep in mind that dinner and drinks in London city tend to be a bit more pricier than in let’s say Antwerp, so you probably want to keep this place in the back of your head for a special occasion.


Another one for your must-visit list: Burger and Lobster. This Soho hotspot is never not jam-packed and we waited over an hour to be seated, but it was totally worth it! Only three dishes on the menu: the hamburger, the lobster and the lobster roll, all priced at 20 pounds, all equally delicious!


Elien en Marie-Lynn take London-2 Elien en Marie-Lynn take London-4 Elien en Marie-Lynn take London-5

Thanks for having us Sofitel St-James London, we had a lovely stay!

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