London Calling ● My Travel Outfit


Yaaaaaaas, travel time! I’m really excited to have just boarded the Eurostar to London (even after a +60 minutes delay), it has been ages since I last visited (okay I’m being too dramatic, it’s been almost a year..). Partly business, partly pleasure, as I’ll be shooting lots of blog content + undoubtedly find the time to support UK’s economy and return home with lots of British goodies!

We’re staying at the Sofitel St-James on Waterloo, something I’m particularly excited about! The hotel looks fancy schmancy and is located on the corner of Awesomeville and Rightwhereyouneedtobe, so I have high expectations. Check back later to see a full report!  


Since we still have about 60 minutes of Eurostar ahead of us, I’m finally going to watch the new Pretty Little Liars episode – you know it’s been real busy when that thing dropped two days ago and I still haven’t watched it. Speaking of, I’ve finally succumbed to the phenomenon that is Netflix – so far, not really blown away. Any recommendations to watch when I get back home?

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