Need a Break? Win a trip to Heavenly Saint-Martin! + 🎥 MY TRAVEL VIDEO

The current cold and rain has got me feeling like our heavenly trip to Saint-Martin was a lifetime ago, when it is in fact only been four months since our stay on the friendly island. You can’t imagine how many times a day I look back on that holiday on Saint-Martin, with its beautiful landscapes, crystal blue sea and burning hot sun.

It was a pleasure to be there for business, and today we can finally share what the goal of our overseas experience was: we picked our favorite things to do on and around the island and handed out awards to the top experiences, so future travelers can make the most out of their stay.

We have rounded up all our top experiences and shared them on this mini site right here. Have a read and VOTE for your favorite story, because you could WIN your very own trip to Saint-Martin! One vote equals the chance to win a 2-person stay on the friendly island, and you can cast your vote every day in one of the five categories. So bookmark this website, vote every day and cross your fingers, because I would love it if one of you guys gets the chance to experience this amazing island in the same way we did!

In honor of Saint-Martin I compiled a little video with a few top moments of our trip. It’s a pleasure re-watching it, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

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