The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Food: 3 Antwerp Delivery Restaurants Reviewed

My neighbours are loud and obnoxious, the hallway always smells like indian food, finding a parking spot in a 1km radius is a mission impossible and late-night walks with the puppy often result in me speed walking home because of weirdos on the street.

Yep, living in a small apartment in a busy city certainly has its downsides. But the advantages are so much more weighty than the small nuisances stated above. I love the proximity of everything, the fact that I can leave the house at 08.55 and still get to work on time, the city bikes on the corner of every street, cosy bars and shops and the different cultures, languages and styles…

Something quite shallow but no less enjoyable: delivery service! Whenever I don’t feel like cooking or have a late-night craving to tackle I can just go online and order a bunch of greasy food. No need to venture out into the wild while dressed in an outdated Juicy Couture tracksuit and suffering from a hangover on a Sunday night, or having to take a serious detour to the bank because you want take-out and the french fries place doesn’t accept cards #firstworldproblems. I log into and select my food of choice. Believe it or not, there’s much more than just pizza on! Paying is easy and can be done by (credit)card, PayPal or even Bitcoin, and 30 to 60 minutes later you’ll have your food fix delivered to your front door. review Antwerp

Because I want you all to eat healthy but also REALLY enjoy your greasy debaucheries, I tried and tested three different delivery restaurants in Antwerp. First up: pizza from Pizza Hut. It had been soooo long since I last had a slice of Pizza Hut pizza, and I used to always order their garlic bread with extra cheese (these are my confessions..), so that’s exactly what I clicked into my virtual pizza basket. About 50 minutes later, my bag of carbs and tomato sauce was delivered to my door by a friendly fella. Pizza Hut delivery starts from 15 euros, which is good when you’re home alone and don’t want to order a bunch of stuff you can’t eat!

Lunch-time at the office always got us going crazy, because nobody can decide what to get and everybody is too lazy to actually go out to get something. Solution: order online! We decided to try sushi from Umi, and I ordered a salmon mix. The sushi got delivered in under an hour, but was underwhelming to say the least. I take my sushi seriously, and this was just not that good. The rice and fish tasted like they had been prepared a while ago, and since I like my sushi fresh, I wouldn’t order from here again. Also, the dish on the picture was 21 euros, which in my opinion isn’t really cheap.

The last experiment took us to Pizza Company, with over 1800 reviews the most popular delivery restaurant on the website. The actual place is about 5 minutes from my apartment, so I was fairly certain my order would arrive home on time and still warm. And it sure did! I like the fact that you can ‘design’ your pizza to fit your every desire, plus it actually tasted good. Delivery from 10 euros, which is nice if you just want to Netflix and Chill on your own.

Do you often order food online?
Have a secret pizza place to share with me?

And most importantly: ARE YOU HUNGRY YET? ;-)