Dump Him Topshop Slogan T-Shirt

Say it with a T-Shirt

Dump Him Topshop Slogan T-Shirt

The slogan t-shirt, sometimes the easiest way to speak your mind ;-) I love the kind of 70’s vibe this corduroy jacket and slogan tee combination gives off, and I’m thinking it would work even better paired with flared jeans.. *makes the peace sign while whispering ‘yeah man’*.

I don’t really know what’s going on lately, but this outfit is pretty much all Topshop, once again. Sorry to be such a bore! I do not have any time to visit an actual shop, so I tend to turn to online shopping, which more often than not leads to me clicking Topshop items into my basket. Do you notice a shift in your shopping behavior as well? Are you a total online shopping aficionado or are you still an advocate of setting foot in actual shops and trying stuff on before buying? I am totally the first, but I do really suck at trying things on at home and sending them back if they do not fit. I have a pile of Asos orders that weren’t all that pretty in real life and that I needed to return – all items of which the return period has well passed.

Needless to say I have a ton of stuff that don’t fit me and that I want to get rid of asap, so I’ll need to concretize the next Closet Sale really soon. I’m aiming for February, and it will probably be somewhere in the centerĀ of Antwerp, preferably in a nice coffee spot. Sounds like something you’d want to visit? Let me know, and I’ll keep you posted!

Dump Him Topshop Slogan T-Shirt Dump Him Topshop Slogan T-Shirt

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