Puma x Rihanna Creepers

Sunday Shopping: Puma Creepers

In today’s episode of Sunday Shopping: a horror story! Do you know the creeper sneakers from the Puma x Rihanna collab? Well, of course you do! I kinda totally missed everything about its initial launch, and of course only started craving the sneakers when I found out they were sold out everywhere. I’ve stalked about every online store Google lets you find, signed up for alerts and newsletters, and am crossing my fingers that I stumble upon them still. I have my hopes set on next weekend, since I’ll be in London for some. serious. shopping. and will definitely pop by the Puma brand store. What’s your take on the Puma x Rihanna creepers? Do you understand the hype? Do you have them in your possession? If so, can I have them? ;-)

Puma x Rihanna Creepers Puma x Rihanna Pink Creepers