The Secret to Long Locks Revealed 👸 My Clip-On Hair Extensions Review

Sorry for the clickbait title you guys, it’s just that I needed you all to read this post, because IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND 😅 First of all, let me start of by saying that this is a total first for me. I’ve never before experimented with it, and I too was completely stunned by the results. What the hell I’m talking about? Hair extensions! I finally tried and tested clip-in extensions, and in this post I’m sharing my findings with you.

Dogs and Dresses hair extensions Irresistble Me Review

I’ve been contacted about getting professional extensions before – the kind that get glued on or woven into your hair, leaving it thinner and more brittle after a while. To be honest, I always secretly wanted to try it, because 1) I’ll try anything once, and 2) because I was eager to see how I would look and feel with even longer locks. But the thing is, I’m already proud of my hair in its natural state, and I would hate for people to go “wow is that your real hair?” to which I would then have to reply “ehmm no.. But my real hair is pretty as well, you have to believe me”. Also, I didn’t want this little escapade to ruin my locks for ever – I’ve already had this happen to me when first trying out eyelash extensions, leaving me with the saddest natural lashes of my own afterwards. So I always politely refused to offers.

How did I end up with this extended version of my own coupe, you ask? Well, a while ago I received an email from Irresistible Me, an online shop specialised in high-quality clip-in extensions. They asked me to pick out and try their clip-in extensions. It took a while for me to finally say yes, but my interest was sparked when I went to check out the website. I love my hair, but I don’t have the most common hair color, something that made it difficult for me to decide on the shade of extensions. The customer service was kind enough to offer their advice, and after a few updates from them, I received my custom-made clip-in extensions.

Clip-on Hair Extensions
Wearing the Irresistible Me hair extensions

I have the Royal Remy Hair clip-ins in the color Royal Golden Blonde. It’s the perfect shade for me. These are the 22″ and weigh 200 grams – it really is a lot of hair, which feels and looks natural. You’ll receive A LOT of hair, trust me, I’m not even wearing all of it in the pictures above. Retail price is 319 dollars, which I think is good value for real human hair – Oh yeah, this is real human hair, which kinda freaks me out soooo much, but which is also really great because you can style it any way you please. It arrived to me straight, but of course I couldn’t wait to style it like I would normally do with my own hair. As you can see on the picture above, the color is a suprisingly good match! It felt weird to curl the hair, but since it’s natural, you can style it any way you like. I wore these out to a blog event, and nobody noticed I was wearing them! I especially like to wear these when braiding my hair or wearing it up in a ponytail, as it really adds body to your locks.

clip on hair extensions

Conclusion: these hair extensions are awesome! I got these free of charge to review and try out, and that’s a good thing, because I won’t wear them much. Not because I don’t like them, not at all, but just because I do not feel the need to have even longer hair most of the time. They are pretty great to wear on occassions though, for a shoot or when I want to have a certain hairstyle. To be honest I like my hair better au naturel, but I do totally recommend these particular hair extensions because they are of really good quality. I can imagine getting really excited about these if I were craving extensions. So, if you’re on the lookout and want to invest in hair extensions, there Irresistible Me clip-ons might be the way to go!

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