Metallic 💜

You know that feeling when you’ve just stumbled upon a really cool streetstyle shot, fell hard for that one awesome designer item in the picture, and were then gutted to find out the extremely high price of said designer item? That’s how it went with me and these loafers. Spotted on more than one streetstyle blog, these pink metallic loafers from Gucci made it to the top of my wish list – I would have even justified the price tag if I could have found them in store.. But I didn’t. So I tried to settle for a pair of purple suede loafers, also from Gucci, during my trip to Designer Outlet Roermond, only to find out moments before heading to the cash register that there was a vast difference in color of both shoes. No luck there either. So I scoured the internet in search for a similar loafer, and by a miracle, found the ones I’m wearing today! They are clearly a knock-off, but at least they don’t have any logo’s or anything on them. How do you feel about them?

fuschia pink metallic loafers fuschia pink metallic loafers fuschia pink metallic loafers

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