Leather Jacket & Maxi Skirt

H&M Trend Flowy Long Skirt-3

H&M Trend Flowy Long Skirt-16 H&M Trend Flowy Long Skirt-11

Upon seeing this skirt in the Trend department of H&M, I knew I had to have it. I imagined pairing it with a white crochet top and bare feet on a white, sandy beach, but I guess if that would be my only look I wouldn’t get much wear out of this particular skirt. So I came up with a few other options; leather jacket and grey sweater for instance. Traded the sandy beach for an urban backdrop, because unfortunately I do not live in the Caribbean #iwishtho.

Spend yesterday in the presence of a beach though, for the press conference of WeCanDance festival. I’ll do a post about the event later this week, because each and every thing that happened was very instagrammable and I cannot not share that with you guys, right? ;-)

You’ll see some changes around here in the upcoming days, I’ve been contemplating a new look for DogsandDresses and finally made the decision to implement everything. The new look will focus on readability, browsability aaaand… shopability! You’ll be able to scroll down to the bottom of each post and shop the exact items featured right then and there. Go, have a try!

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