Happy Friday friends. I'm dressing up to celebrate the start of the weekend! Navy and gold, always a winning combo. This skirt is a little bit out of my comfort zone - something about its length that scared me off at first - but I must admit I like wearing it. The pleats, the shimmery gold and the way it looks cool when paired with sneakers (shop them here) have me head over heels with it, not to admit it is really affordable and also available in rose! The Made in Belgium sweater got me truly inspired, and so I borrowed this gorgeous Delvaux bag from the Labellov closet to add to this look. This model is called the Bourgogne, and is a real piece of Belgian craftsmanship.

What do you think of this look?

Busy bees that are always on the run might find it hard to have a healthy snack in between meetings or classes. i know I do: I happily take the time to mix together a healthy salad for lunch or dinner, but when it comes to curing those in-between cravings, I often come up blank. A healthy, easy snack to munch on when you’re out and about, that is easy to take with you and will keep you feeling happy and healthy throughout the day is something I was on the look-out for. And now, I’ve found it!

It's mid-September, and even though temperatures are still quite high for this time of year, I'm already dressing for fall. My favourite camel coat has woken from its summer sleep and I can't wait to raid Zara for some shiny new so-called 'fall essentials'. Since I'm still pretty much on bed arrest (I was so sick this weekend I had to cancel my workshops during #ModeinOostende, which made me feel 10 times worse!) I had to create a fall-proof look with old items. Oldies, but goodies! I got these boots from my daddy-o seven (!!) years ago, which is like 8 billion years in fashun, and I still love them.