Snacktime! Meet Nakd.

Busy bees that are always on the run might find it hard to have a healthy snack in between meetings or classes. i know I do: I happily take the time to mix together a healthy salad for lunch or dinner, but when it comes to curing those in-between cravings, I often come up blank. A healthy, easy snack to munch on when you’re out and about, that is easy to take with you and will keep you feeling happy and healthy throughout the day is something I was on the look-out for. And now, I’ve found it!


Meet the Nakd bars. These colorful tidbits come in seven different flavors, are 100% natural and contain no added sugars. Because they are made purely our of nuts and fruits, Nakd bars are gluten free and the healthy solution for just about anyone, from vegetarians over vegans to food lovers who enjoy a healthy treat from time to time.


I did the test for you guys, and munched on all seven (!) of the Nakd bars – which wasn’t really a task rather than a treat. I ranked my top 3 favorite , but I invite you all to try the bars for yourself and to let me know which one is your favorite flavor!

  1. Cocoa Delight: pure ingredients and a delightful chocolate taste. Treat!
  2. Cashew Cookie: this bar solely contains nuts and dates.
  3. Bakewell Tart: the perfect company to a mug of tea on a breezy autumn day.


The Nakd bars can be found at Carrefour, and are available in packs of five. No time to visit the store? Head over to the Nakd online shop and use the code DOGSANDDRESSES10 for 10% discount on your order!