What a Boy

Not so long ago I was totally head over heels in love with that gorgeous red Chanel jersey classic flap bag.. But turns out, jersey fabric et moi aren’t made for each other. I was so scared that my precious bag would get wet or end up stained, which tends to happen sooner than later with my handbags, and which isn’t a good thing for a brightly red colored fabric bag. So I did what I always do: I sold it! Our love affair was short but sweet, and now I am happy to put my money towards a new love. I am still smitten with Chanel bags, and if I ever bump into a caviar leather one in dark red or burgundy, I’m buying it #mightwanttostartsavingup. For now I’ll glady borrow another precious bag – even if it’s just for the picture! This Chanel boy bag is so pretty, yet I still gravitate towards the classic flap bag. One day!



I’m wearing: Sacha schoenen boots (find them here), Nakd Fashion leopard coat,
Chanel boy from Labellov Luxury, Essentiel sweater, Chanel sunglasses.





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