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I love it when brands I feel close to partner up – exactly what happend with Omoda and Sienna. As you all know I’ve been a Sienna girl for a long time (read all about our first encounter here). I blog about my favorite looks on a regular basis, and have the utmost respect for the brand that Su and Hans managed to create. Three stores and a webshop, not bad! Next door from the original Sienna store is Omoda, a multibrand store that’ll cater to all your shoe-related wishes; from urban sneakers over fluffy slippers to kick-ass boots. I have worked with Omoda for quite some time, and when both brands found out they had me in common, they met up to develop a cool idea. The three of us came up with a new series, which will show me tackling my daily adventures, and the outfits I wear doing so. From head to toe in my fave items from Sienna & Omoda. The good part: all items can be ordered through the Sienna Goodies online store and the Omoda e-shop.

The first look is one I wore in the streets of Madrid. As you know I visited both Barcelona and Madrid for a press trip (discovering the delicious drinks by Anna de Cordon), and this is one of the outfits I wore for the second day of the trip. Let me tell you a little bit about these press trips: they are fantastic to be part of, you get to do and experience a lot of cool stuff, but they tend to be hectic as hell! Brands try to stuff in as much activities as possible, which is always fun but sometimes quite exhausting too. Different activities ask for different outfits, so I always try to check the schedule of the day and plan my outfits accordingly. This spring-proof dress was the perfect item for a visit to the city – we had a little stroll and I dove into a few stores to get some shopping done. Back in Antwerp I was craving for Spring to come around, and I was more than happy to get a little taste here in Madrid. Floral printed sweater dress, check! Cute denim jacket for moments in the shade, check! Big metallic tote that fits my camera and blog tools, check! Comfy sneakers that look good and are easy enough to walk around on all day, check! I actually only brought two pairs of shoes with me this trip: these Adidas superstar trainers and a pair of lovely black suede heeled sandals from Guess. I wore the latter during the more chic evening moments (paired with green palazzo pants and a black jumpsuit).

Shop this look: Tana dress (shop here) – Selected Femme denim jacket (shop here) – Adidas superstar sneakers (shop here). Pics by Brunetteblogging.


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