Going Places… Or Not?

Life doesn’t always turn out the way you plan it – even if you write everything down in your Moleskine, have numerous alarms set on your phone and keep a paper schedule by the front door. Nope, life does exactly what life wants! I planned on shooting this look during a delightful trip to Paris, but due to busy schedules and hectic work calendars, the weekend-long voyage failed to commence. No cups of coffee at CafĂ© de Flore, endless browsing in Colette and Saint Laurent or acting cool whilst strolling through Le Marais. Oh, and also no fancy Parisian backdrops to shoot this lovely look! Trooper that I am, I chose to venture out into our very own Antwerp on one sunny afternoon, and found this gorgeous – and also very Parisian like – building to pose in front. I am wearing the best maxi skirt ever btw! It’s by Vila, available on Sienna Goodies, and it comes in a bunch different colors. Its thick fabric is really flattering and easy to roll up on top, so that the dress’s length works for every type of girl. The sweet pink top and matchy suede bag contrast nicely with the cool white kicks I scored at Omoda. They are from Nubikk and have blak glitzy stars on the sides, which instantly remind me of Saint Laurent sneakers.

A few other times when life failed to work with me this week:

  • When I got into the car right after work and rushed to an event meeting in Brussels. Hello traffic jam! A 40-minute car ride took me over 2 hours, so I arrived right when the event had ended. Yeppp! Luckily we all went out for dinner in Brussels and had the best burrata, so all was fine in the end.
  • When I finally planned on confirming our summer holiday and had everything filled out and ready to go – only to see at check-out that the plane has no available seats.
  • When I made plans to meet up with a friend at the movies. It was 8 o’clock sharp when I was standing in front of the theater entrance, only to find out 15 minutes later that my friend had gone to another movie theatre across town. Believe me, the “i’m right in front of the entrance”, “no I am in front of the entrance?!” were super hilarious in the end.Can you relate? Share your moments with me ;-)

Shop this look: VILA maxi skirt (buy here), Orphina pink top (buy here), pink bag (buy here), Nubikk sneakers via Omoda (buy here).