The best place to shop dainty jewelry

Earlier today I found myself roaming the streets wearing a long velvet and floral kimono, silver metallic loafers and a bright yellow bag with flower print. But unlike my penchant for bright and bold statement pieces in closet, things are completely the other way around when it comes down to my jewelry. I adore dainty little rings and bracelets, and like to stack them on top of each other for a unique effect. On the rare occasion that I wear necklaces, I like them to be subtle and petite. Every once in a while I like to go all out by wearing a bold statement earring for example, but when it comes to my day to day jewelry I like to keep things simple.

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There’s one brand I religiously turn to when on the hunt for a new addition to my jewelry box: Imagin. This Belgian based brand, founded by power couple Margaux and Gilles, brings beautiful and affordable jewelry to the table. I love to visit the Imagin store in the Steenhouwersvest in Antwerp on a Saturday afternoon – there are so many beautiful designs to choose from, and everything comes in silver, goldtoned and rose toned, making it even harder to pick favorites.

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When I heard that Imagin was opening a new store in my hometown Hasselt, I just knew I had to be at the opening event. Hasselt is becoming increasingly interesting for true shopping lovers, with unique boutiques and big hughstreet brands opening up shops, and the Imagin store is a nice addition to the shopping scene. The store, located in the pretty Aldestraat, is cosy and intimate, but spacious enough for you to browse around easily. Can’t choose? Ask expert advice at the counter, or have a peek at my current favourites below.[/column]

Shop online:

& visit the brand new store: Aldestraat 35 3500 Hasselt.