A Day in Amsterdam

On Friday we left our offices early to drive to Amsterdam! Why, you ask? Well, the trip was mostly for business purposes, but of course we managed to slip in a little pleasure as well! We booked the suite at the Spiegelgracht Appartments, a place I found through Booking.com. The place was perfectly located and really nice with lots of windows and natural light, albeit a little on the small side for its price. After some major window shopping and trying on every new make-up product one could find at De Bijenkorf, we changed into our evening gowns and headed towards the restaurant du soir. I had heard a lot of good things about Izakaya, so we got ourselves a table at the Asian restaurant. The food was delish, lots of small dishes to share, and divine cocktails (not to share..). Be sure to book your table well in advance, as the place is rather small and exclusive. The rest of the night included lots of laughter, meeting the world’s weirdest Uber driver and heading to Jimmy Woo. The morning after was less glamorous, but we sure had fun!