Going Places: Tropical!

Hope you’ve had a wonderful long weekend! We spent ours in rather tropical surroundings, on the beach of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Mickael and I are spending a week-long holiday here, in the midst of gorgeous palmtrees, the brightest white beach, clear blue water and a crazy tropical thunderstorm here and there! Yesterday it rained so badly, the whole village got flooded and we found ourselves knee-deep in rain water, trying to get to the gym in time for a spinning class. The whole time we we’re paddling our way through the puddles, I thought ‘who have I become?’, basically risking my life (ahum) trying to get to a sports class in time. Ever since starting working out on the regular since January, I’ve been trying to be a good girl and work out every other day. Thanks to my friends at Urban Coaching and the trainers from 8 Weeks to Hotpants, I’ve managed to stick to my work-out schedule and even find myself at the gym more often than I set out to. I am totally persuaded of the powers of working out: my favorite work-outs are the bootcamps and personal training sessions in the park. I’m thinking of taking up boxing classes next, any recommendations for clubs?
I’m wearing the best maxi dress for these tropical surroundings! It’s from Sienna Goodies (available online) and is the perfect dress to wear for night time dinners. It’s easy to throw on but really chique as well, perfectly matches the tropical atmosphere, and the longer sleeves protect my arms from mosquito bites. I am wearing simple Havaiana slippers with the dress, because they are just perfect in tropical weather conditions. They are from Omoda, as you know my favourite online shoe walhalla, which also stocks a very nice selection of leather sandals.
Anyways, writing this from our adorable garden bungalow, right before heading out for dinner. Even though weather has been so and so, we’re having the best time over here. Seriously bummed to be going home soon, but luckily we have a few other exotic trips planned. Did you book your sunny holiday already? Where are you going to?
 Outfit details // Havaiana slippers by Omoda, Grace & Mila maxi dress and palmleaf printed tote from Sienna Goodies.