First Look of 2018

Happy New Year babes! I hope you all celebrated exactly how you wanted to and are ready to make 2018 the best year yet ;-) If so: join the club! World domination will have to wait one day though, I am dedicating this first Monday of the year to the sliiiightest hangover and am thus spending today on the couch. Luckily little Lewis keeps me on the move, so we ventured out into the real world for a walk this morning. Since I’m still feeling a little festive I decided to wear my Christmas red sweater, pompom beanie and funky flared pants. I have a thing for flare pants lately, so much so that I declare 2018 the Year of the Flare. We’ll see how long this switch will last but I for one enjoy wearing pants that are something other than skinny’s or boyfriend jeans.