A Stripe a Day

Oh how I long for those Spring days, when the sun sheds a little of his warmth, the mornings are bright and days last a little longer. I love layering, but every time February rolls in, I get sick of those big knits and sweater-centered outfits. So ready to welcome all them amazing Spring dresses, flimsy blouses and fun skirts! I am literally hiding myself in large knitwear and layer-on-layer of fabric, so much so that I shriek every time I look into the mirror.

Little Lewis has been staying with my mom’s for a few weeks now, so I am suuuuperhappy to have him back with us in Antwerp this weekend! He is such a bundle of joy, and he keeps us fit and busy, walking around town and taking him with us wherever we go. Oh puppy I love you so :)

Outfit details: striped sweater dress by Second Female, boots from Topshop.
Pics by Liesanne De Beenhouwer