Time for Love

Goodmorning guys! I had an early start today but right now I have 10 minutes to relax, sip my coffee and upload these pictures for you. After months and months of impatiently waiting, yesterday was finally the day our new couch got delivered! I ordered my own “design” through SofaCompany and since they had to make it from scratch I had to wait for more than 3 months for it to arrive. But my patience was rewarded, because there’s now an ahhh-maaazing couch in our living room! I’ll do an elaborate post about the new couch and our living room really soon, can’t wait to hear what you think!

I’m wearing the Cluse Minuit watch in these pictures, together with the cute little bracelet they designed especially for Valentine’s day. Most of the time I just wear my fitbit to get through the day (honestly hooked on that thing!) but for a fancier occassion I like to put this gorgeous piece on. If only they would make sport watches in this design ;-)