Snapshots from Sicily

I’ve visited my share of cities in Italy but had never been to the mysterious island of Sicily – until now! To add a little sunshine to the longest winter ever, I happily got on a plane, destination Sicily. Even though we visited for only a few days, the island proved a great getaway destination for those looking to get some vitamin C, culture and charm.

The early morning flight got a lot more comfortable thanks to the easy transfer to Maastricht airport. Seriously, the only thing I dread more about traveling other than having to spent the entire flight stuck between a crying baby and a smelly person, is long drives to the airport and having to wait in line to check in for hours on end. None of that when you’re traveling with Corendon from Maastricht Airport: it is centrally located (only a 20 minute drive from my hometown!), has free parking space (love it!) and the airport is small and cosy, giving you the holiday feeling from the moment you set foot in the lobby.

We spent a little time roaming the charming streets of Palermo, and I immediately fell in love with the place. I could totally see myself sitting on one of the city’s many piazzas, soaking up a little sun, enjoying the gorgeous color palette of the city (and enjoying a slice of terrific pizza as well). Our time in Palermo was limited as we had to catch the bus to Mazara Del Vallo, one of the most important fishing centres of Italy and a very charming town to say the least. We stayed at the Hopps Hotel, a laid back hotel that is simple yet elegant, with rooms overlooking the sea and the large pool. A recommendation if you’re looking for a budget-friendly stay. If you don’t want to have to worry about anything, I suggest checking out the Corendon catalogue, they are the best in all-inclusive packages on the island!