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What to Wear to a Destination Wedding in Marrakech

wedding party outfit in marrakesh ourika valley

What to wear to a destination wedding in the gorgeous Ourika Valley in Marrakesh, Morocco? It was a question that ran through my head from the moment we got invited for the wedding of the century. Really, who cares about that Royal Wedding that took place the day before? It was all about our friends Natalie and Oli’s wedding :-) The stunning surroundings of the Ourika valley painted an ever so gorgeous backdrop for the perfect wedding weekend. And when I say perfect wedding weekend, I mean Perfect wedding weekend. The bride organized everything to a tee, leaving her guests beyond excited and amazed.

I found my dress on the online shop of H&M – I would normally not browse that particular store for a festive maxi dress worth a truly fancy occassion, but their online shop is a total recommendation for just that! The more special pieces and formal wear can be found in a hidden spot on the webshop, and usually not in stores, giving your highstreet piece a little more uniqueness. I accessorized with a gold hair clip,  cuff bracelet that I found at the Souks and  a pair of bold statement earrings. Easy, breezy, beautiful ;-)

Thank you so much for the enchanting weekend Nat & Oli (and everyone involved), we had a wonderful time 💛

wedding party outfit in marrakesh ourika valley