Balcony Vibes

What a perfect weekend it was! The atmosphere in the city completely changes when Summer kicks in: everything feels more relaxed, things move at a different pace. Our only concern seemed to be which terrace to enjoy our glass of rosé on next 🙈 We drifted from sun-soaked bar to sun-soaked bar, with the occasional detour to a pool party and garden barbeque. Love it! The only downside of a weekend this sunny and good is that it is that much harder to get into that Monday mindset again! I have an early morning in the office, preparing for a presentation, so I better get into the Monday groove real quick.

These pictures were shot on our little balcony, I’m wearing a dress from NA-KD that you can order here. Don’t forget to use the code ELIEN20 to get 20% off your entire order. You’re welcome.

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