A Moment in Moscow

After the game we literally ran through the city to catch a glimpse of all the major Moscovian must-sees. Of course the Kremlin was on top of the list, and we put in quite some legwork to see the monumental building IRL. Luck would have it the entire square around the Kremlin was closed off for the day due to an event so we weren’t able to get really close – but that didn’t stop us from shooting a few pics in front of the fences. I still feel incredibly lucky and thankful I got to go on this whirlwind adventure for the day, actually still buzzing thinking about it :) Not much time to reminisce though, as we are beyond busy planning and organising the last bits for our press opening tomorrow! Labellov is hosting a day-long event to celebrate the new store with national press, bloggers and influencers, and it’s been really cool to be on the other side of the press event thing for once. Really cool and really stressful as well haha! Hopefully everything runs smoothly tomorrow, fingers crossed. I’m off – still need to pick my outfit and cover my face in a massive amount of face mask in preparation for tomorrow. Bye bye! X

Elien Migalski