Easy Does It

September is coming closer and closer, and with it some fun and festive things! We’re celebrating the 1st birthday of my godchild Ebe, as well as my own 29th (iieekk) birthday, after which I’ll be packing my bags for trips to Italy (we are visiting Puglia), Ibiza, Denmark and New York! It’s going to be a gooood month ;-) I cannot wait to be able to create some fun content for the blog as well, it’s been a busy Summer in Antwerp which was mostly focused around work, but September is going to be a big change. Since the last few weeks were bizzzzy, I chose to dress in a very comfortable fashion. Insert the thin t-shirt dress (also known as bag dress or dress bag, depending on who you ask). I found the perfect little knitted t-shirt dress at H&M, and I love to pair the thing with these sandals from Aldo – their flatform sole give them a fashionable vibe and won’t have me looking like someone on her way to Compostella, which is not a look I’m going for ;-)

This fanny pack is one of my shiny new NastyGal finds. I’ve known the website for years (way before Sophia’s Girlboss hit even), but I never thought about shopping on there since it was a US site. Turns out the Brits at Boohoo have bought the site, so there’s simple shipping & returns options available (both not free unfortunately). I’ve ordered a bunch of things because I was sooo excited about coming across a brand spanking new website for me to go loco on, but please keep in mind that it’s by the same owners as Boohoo – which unfortunately means that some of their stuff lacks in the quality department. Still a good find to shop on-trend pieces though. Oh and pro tip: register, add something to your basket and leave the website, you’ll get an email begging you to come back and use the 45% discount code on your order. You are vĂ©ry welcome!