In a New York Minute

It’s been a minute since I last updated – goshhh, feel like I use this line so much lately. Things are quite busy but things are quite good as well, I’m currently reading a book called The Happiness Project, and guess what? It actually makes me feel happier! Maybe not happier per sé, but I do feel I am appreciating the good things in life more. How lucky am I that most of my life is made up of good, very good things? A career in which I can thrive, a dreamy boyfriend, gorgeous golden retriever, very cosy apartment and the hottest (girl)friends. Yessss all good here!

Speaking of good things: I have so much content from NYC still to show you guys! Love how these pictures almost have a cinematographic feel to them, as if they were part of a movie scene; ahh marvelous New York. I’m wearing a Mango leopard print satin skirt paired with a cropped lavender colored knit and good ol’ Superga sneakers. Honestly, I must’ve bought over 6 pairs of these exact sneakers in my life already – and still, every beginning of Summer I find myself ordering a new pair (and them messing them up all over, ending the Summer with a brand new pair again).

Outfit details:
Mango leopard skirt
Bershka purple sweater
Superga sneakers via Sarenza
Mango bag