Helleuuuuuh guys! Hope you’re all doing muy bien! I’ve decided to finally check back in and share with you some pictures of my most recent trip. I absolutely love jetting off for the weekend (which most of the time doesn’t include an actual jet plane though) and checking into hotel for some time off. That’s exactly what we did last weekend when we visited Amsterdam for a 24h stay. I was invited to an event in the city, which was the perfect opportunity for a little sleepover. The Hilton Hotel was the perfect getaway spot – big robes, room service and a very elaborate breakfast buffet made our stay very entertaining. There’s something about staying in hotel, the luxurious part of it, that I truly adore. I can even see myself checking into a hotel in Antwerp for a night, just to experience hotel life. May be a little too lavish at the moment, but some day! My next citytrip will be to London in December, and I. am. so. freaking. excited. about that!! My favourite city (apart from New York) during the most magical season… looking forward!

In regards to the outfit, of course I am wearing that giant coat again. I told you before it’s the only thing I’ll be wearing for Winter 2018 and I ain’t lying. It is so darn comfy and warm, how could I not? Also making an appearance is my brand new and very vintage Gucci monogram bag that I scored on my favourite Labellov. There’s a lot of cool stuff going online as we speak, so be sure to have a look! I won’t tell ;-)