Coat of my Dreams

I think I say this every Autumn, but guess what? I found my dreamcoat! I am still very very much in love with last year’s love, aka. my giant teddy bear found at Monki, but this year brings a new lover. As someone who walks quite a bit during the day – there’s no saying no to those puppy eyes begging to go out, ever when it’s freeeeezing cold outside – I need my Winter coat to tick a few boxes:

– it needs to be long (so you can’t see if I’m wearing nice pants or joggers underneath. Spoiler alert: it’s joggers, always)
– it needs to be big (i want to be able to hide my entire being in it, thank you very much)
– it needs to be cosy (because walking the dog at 7 in the morning on a blistering cold Winter day doesn’t always make me happy)
– it needs to be pretty (no explanation needed)

Scroll down and see for yourself: I’ve found myself The One! It actually matches Lewis’ fur which makes for a lovely pair walking down the street 😂

The coat is from Idano Paris, I’ve already received sooo many messaged on Instagram asking where to order, so click here to shop it. It’s also available in a blue-ish green, I am wearing a size T0 fyi.

Outfit details: Levi’s 501 jeans, vintage Dior bag, Idano Paris white coat, Minimum sweatshirt, white patent boots from Sacha.

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