Outfit: Vinyl Rain Coat

Guuuys! It’s Black Friday and I am suffering from severe RSI in my wrist (which stands for repetitive strain injury) – not gonna lie, there might be a causal explanation. I’ve literally been scrolling through ALL of my favourite online shopping sites, on my phone, on my laptop, even during lunch break at work… My inbox is so full with all of these so-called crazy deals and promotions, and I can’t help myself but to click through from the email, to the webshop and then straight towards the check-out. Mr. mailman is going to be delivering quite a few packages the next days, but I think I’ve scored some pretty awesome deals!

If you’re in the market for let’s say… a vinyl rain coat of your own, now is the time to get it! Mine’s from NA-KD and they are doing a massive 30% off on the entire collection. Get it here! The sweater is one of my current faves which I picked up at H&M not too long ago. Guess what? It’s 20% off right now. You are welcome. Haven’t found a place to score Balenciaga bags at -30% off just yet, but you can always browse Labellov.com for year-round top discounts on designer bags. The sneakers, which I looooove, are from Sarenza, and you may just get them at 30% as well. The jeans are oldies but goodies from Asos, and Asos is offering 20% off its entire site. Gotta go.