Outfit: Wonderful Walks

“Started wearing more and going out less” seems to be the caption to my life atm. I find this weird time after Summer and right before the holidays to be confusing: my energy levels are at an all-time low, all I want to do is cuddle up in my pyjamas and watch Netflix shows. Actually, we finally started watching Game of Thrones and so far, I don’t like it. That doesn’t stop me from wanting to spend my nights bundled up on the couch though.

It’s getting dark so early now that, by the time I close the office door behind me, my brain has been tricked into thinking it is well after midnight already. I’m trying to fix that by dragging my gym bag to me to work and dragging myself to the gym right after work. This way I get my excercise before allowing myself to succomb to my Winter ritual of not-leaving-the-house-ever-again*.

Of course I am exaggerating once again, as I leave the house plenty of times for Wintery walks with pupper Lewis. I actually enjoy waking up and going for a walk in the early morning, just the two of us, when the city is still asleep. The crisp air (mixed with some lovely polution but let’s not think about that for now), the quality time and the smile of that little ball of fluff are enough to give me a kickstart and take on the day at full force. Thanks for making a morning person out of me, Lew! If you’d catch me on one of those early morning or late night walks, chances are I’m in sneakers, sweatpants and my giant winter coat – my off-duty Winter uniform if you will..

Sometimes I do like to get dresses up though, and that’s when these pics were taken: wearing my new Essentiel Antwerp camel coat, very fluorescent green sweater and a few of my favourite accessories. Scroll down to shop everything.

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Essentiel Antwerp camel coat – similar here / ASOS neon green cable knit sweater – shop here

Topshop Dree flare denim / Zara snake printed booties / Gucci mini marmont bag

Pictures by Liesanne de Beenhouwer.