Healthy Habits: Let’s Go

It’s February, only 115 days until the start of Summer! I started off 2019 on the right foot and vowed to myself that, just like in 2018, 2017, 2016 and about every year before that, I would live my best life possible. 2019 was going to be the year I’d become the fittest version of myself. We’re 40 days in and I am sat on the couch, munching on a piece of Kinder chocolate. This #fitgirl life proves to be a little more challenging than expected – so I need a better plan. I need something that will motivate me and guide me towards making the right choices – after all, it is my final year as a twenty-something (oh my god!!) and I want to start my 30’s being hotter than ever (#honesty), so that I can graduatelly let myself slide from that point on (just joking. or am i?). What better motivation than to take your resolutions and put them out for the world to see, so here I am, declaring my goals and hoping that you’ll all be enough of a motivation to make me want to persist.

Let’s talk goals

I am not going to be speaking in terms of kg’s, because that’s not the point, even though I want to lose a liiittle bit of weight. It’s about more than just body mass. I want to be able to run 10 miles without dying. I want to bend over and touch my toes with my feet together. I want to not crave sugar and snacks and opt for the healthy alternatives without thinking about it. There are a few things I’ve added to my personal goals list that I should add to the line-up, things that are more work and career-oriented, but let’s keep the focus on becoming a fit girl for now.

To track my progress and keep tabs of how I’m doing, I’ve decided to check in regularly on the blog to weigh in on my progress and share some of the tips I’ve come across. Oh and to talk about the struggles, because I know this will take some time to really become a habit and a lifestyle instead of just an experiment.

5 Healthy habits

Of course I’ve spent hours and hours scrolling through Pinterst, Instagram and the webz and also maybe googeling “quickest way to get fit”, so I’ve rounded up a few things that I’m taking into account:

  • water water water water water: drink at least 2L a day
  • sweat it out: go to the gym at least 3 times a week. If I don’t feel like going, an at-home work-out is also ok
  • steer clear of the carbs: I’m looking into the Keto diet, which involves lots of good fats and no carbs. Looks like a challenge, will update soon
  • journal: keep a food journal either on your phone (I just MyFitnessPal) or in a book
  • take vitamins: i am taking this, this and this

Apart from the usual, aka. eating healthy and working out (which also included taking little Lewis for hour-long strolls each day), I’ll also look into a few other things such as spa and facial treatments, micropigmentation (girl needs good brows) and slimming ultra-sound waves. See ya!

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