Transitional Pieces


This gorgeous early spring weather has got me feeling all kinds of excited! What a little bit of sunshine won’t do to a girl.. I suddenly feel like a new person, with a completely new wardrobe to boot! I no longer want to hide in dark colors and shapeless silhouettes, instead gravitating more towards a neutral color palette of camels and creams. Ask me what I think of the outfit I’m wearing here, and I’ll tell you with great excitement that I absolutely adore it. How could I not, though, as it has all of my favourite elements: a chunky sweater in a creamy white, an amazing oversized camel coat and perfect flared pants.

This outfit makes me feel like a million bucks, and the best thing is: I got it all at H&M! I love the current collection and must admit that a lot of the fabrics and silhouettes being use are feeling and looking very high-end. This beauty of a coat, for example, is crafted out of wool & cashmere, and is pure sophistication! I immediately fell in love with it, and have been wearing it on heavy rotation ever since. Paired with neutral colors, it makes for a classy outfit, don’t you agree?

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cream knit sweater (shop here), cashmere coat (shop here), palazzo pants (shop here), felt hat (shop here), everything from H&M.