A Safari Adventure at Beekse Bergen



Last week I got to meet up with my family at the Safari Resort in De Beekse Bergen, a safari-themed vacation park in the Netherlands. I was lucky enough to get invited by the team to experience their Safari Resort first hand together with my mom, brother, their partners and my beautiful godchild, aka the star of this weekend 😍 We all drove up to Hilvarenbeek on Friday afternoon and were instantly taken aback by the beauty of the park! The check-in process was really easy and carefree, as you receive your personal login code for your lodge by text a few hours before your arrival. We checked into our Safari lodge overlooking the fields where zebra’s, rhino’s, giraffes and dromedary all walked past in serenity. I’d seen the pictures but had no idea that we would be so close to the animals! It was truly a joy to have all these beautiful creatures walk by while you’re out on the terrace.

The first thing we did upon arrival in our cabin was a little house tour, of course! Our lodge had 3 bed rooms, two bath rooms and even a sauna! Craving food, we easily ordered pizza delivery through the Beekse Bergen app on our phone, which was very handy (and yummy!) The app allows you to order breakfast to be delivered to your doorstep first thing in the morning as well, which we did and loved!

The next day, after a lovely breakfast, we ventured into the park and saw so many animals! I recommend visiting the park early in the morning (it opens at 10:00) because it is super calm and quiet still. We only got to see a small portion of the park (it is so big and so beautiful!) before we met up with our Ranger that took us on a off-road Safari trip. This was truly the best experience of our entire stay! We all got in a jeep and cruised around the fields filled with giraffes. The animals can get really close to your car, this one giraffe actually almost stuck its head in ours but then deciced that licking the car was the better option¬†😂 😂 [/one_half_last]

[one_half] [/one_half]

Scroll down for some photo memories of our lovely stay! On Saturday night we had dinner at the restaurant in Karibu Town and it was really good. After dinner an animation team entertained the kids, while we sat back and relaxed with a glass of wine. Perfect! Beekse Bergen is about an hour away from Antwerp (as well as from Limburg) and I can totally recommend it if you’re looking for a fun family activity! It’s suitable for all ages and there are lots of activities for everybody to do. Upon arrival you’ll receive an attraction pass that gives you entrance in all of the different area’s – Safari Park, Safari Resort, the Zoo and Speelland. Find all the info on the website here. Thanks to everyone at Beekse Bergen for making our stay such a pleasure!


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