Pictures from Puglia

Time for a little trip down memory lane, as my Wanderlust is flaring up and I am getting a case of the travel blues! Since I never got around to sharing these pictures of our lovely trip to Puglia last Summer, I figured now would be a good time. We stayed at the Borgo Egnazia, a luxury hotel in Fasano, Puglia, that is truly an oasis of peace and relaxation. From the entrance over the pool areas to the rooms and the amazing friendly staff, everything about this stay was top notch! We had an amazing dinner outside on the center square, with live music and a gorgeous buffet of fresh foods one night, and devoured the most yummy pizza ever the other. A bike ride to the beach, a walk around the golf course or even an amazing afternoon in the spa.. You get it all at the Borgo!

All information about the hotel can be found here.

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