Lisboa Look

Bom dia! I was lucky enough to spend last weekend discovering a new city I’d never been before and have totally fallen in love with! My amazing Coca-Cola family treated us to a surprise trip arranged by – a concept that I’ve been wanting to try out since forever but never gotten around to because I am also very much a control freak. I let go of my inner control freak as much as I could and surrendered completely. It was not until arriving at the airport in the early Friday morning that we knew where our trip was heading to. We both visited Porto before but never been to Lisbon, so I was super happy to see that destination pop onto my phone screen. It didn’t hurt that the weather forecast was Super Sunny and I was in the need for some serious vitamin D. Sunny weather meant I could wear this brand new Rails dress the way it was intended to: bare-legged and with a smile on my face! I paired the dress with my new Adidas Magmur sneakers (which I think are so weird but lovelovelove at the same time, very confusing), a bright pink mini Balenciaga city bag and big CĂ©line sunnies.