All bundled up

And there you have it – just like that it’s Winter time again!

I’ve spent the weekend setting up the Christmas tree, lounging in my favourite personalised silk pj’s by Le Olive and binging on the new season of Selling Sunset. Slowly getting in the mood for the upcoming holiday season and all of the coziness that it comes with. We’re hosting two family get-togethers at our place and I’m looking forward to welcoming everyone and celebrating all together – fingers crossed that there’s no rona standing in the way of things. Also looking very forward to the days right after Christmas, which we’ll spend in a warm and sunny destination (OMG SUPER EXCITED). For now, I’ll continue to bundle up in the warmest of knits by Les Tricots d’O. This Antwerp-based label makes the most beautiful handmade knits, from long cardigans over snuggly sweaters and comfy vests. 

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