wanderandco I am an avid enthusiast of young women wanting to establish a business, something of their own and who take the plunge and try to make the most out of it all by working hard. It is far from the easy choice to do, but if you truly want something, I’d say go get ‘em tiger! Dogs and Dresses will be there applauding you on along the way. And that’s exactly what I’m doing to Liesbeth Van Vynckt today. This newfound boss lady has just opened up Wander & Co, a small online shop which answers to your never-ending love of all things pretty. For your home and for your heart! From kitchen gear over minimalistic vases to the coolest pencils and paperware: Wander & Co has got it all, and will ship it to your from their Belgian HQ with the love and care you wish to receive.

Hi there! As you might have seen on all the various social media channels I abuse/use, I went to London! Reason? This year's Regent Tweet event. I'll tell you more about my day in another post (curious? Read about my previous visits to Regent Tweet in 2011 and 2012 here). The event, which combines both shopping and social media, takes place on and around Regent Street. With only a few steps away from Oxford Street, Regent Tweet is the event to go to get some serious shopping done. I tried controlling myself – and I failed. Not really though, I did manage to not go overboard and only go for the necessities. Yea right. Let's scroll, shall we?